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Why use social media?

In the “olden days” small businesses would advertise in the local press or even that big book of pages that are yellow. This relies on someone that is in need of a service that your company provides, actually picking up a newspaper or local directory and hopefully seeing your advert. Quite often these adverts would be small, even one single line of text. Well not anymore!

Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter link you “the shopkeeper” to millions of potential customers. With a targeted marketing campaign you can reach those customers, whether you are a company looking build new business relationships and gain clients, or a local shop or cafe looking to find new customers, social media is the way forward.

Social Media gives you the upper hand. Why wait for customers and business to find you, when sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin give you the tools and ability to go and find them!

Generate brand awareness – Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter can give you a huge amount of exposure. There are over 30 million Facebook users in the UK alone!

Increase traffic to your website – Active social network campaigns with interesting, and engaging content that links back to your website will boost your own website’s traffic.

Increase your sales – The result of the two points above could be a the boost in sales and profits that your business is looking for.

Communicate with your customer – Reach past, present and prospective customers instantly! Promote new products, special offers, build a solid and loyal customer base.

Simple set up – or full campaigns

We offer basic social media set up and tutorials so you can get going and manage your own pages and accounts, as well as full social media campaigns to suit your business.

No matter how small or large a campaign you would like, feel free to contact us for advice and a chat about how we can help you.



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